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Don, nice outfit and love the tweed jacket!
Over 40 different Harris Tweed bow ties in lots of colours and patterns @ £14.99.
A nice bit of vintage Harris Tweed... bow ties just added to my online shop
I have a huge selection of top quality Harris Tweed jackets for sale. Lots of styles, sizes and colours with most @ just £59, a massive saving on high street prices ! Attached images are just a very small selection..
I have for sale a number of mens vintage frock coats, circa 1910 - 1920's. Vintage frock coats, morning tailcoats and evening tailcoats for sale.
I have for sale a number of mens vintage tailcoats, circa 1920's - 1960's. Morning tailcoats, evening tailcoats & frock coats for sale.
That KFS is a cool suit .. I have quite a few bespoke tailored Savile Row Kilgour French & Stanbury suits going on the website next week, around 15 of them infact
Many more Harris Tweed mens jackets just arrived... many @ just £59! Huge selection of styles, sizes and colours available. Modern and vintage Harris Tweed jackets for sale:D
More just added! Vintage morning tailcoats, evening tailcoats and frock coats
More new arrivals!
New Posts  All Forums: