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Many more just arrived.
More Harris tweeds, corduroy jackets, velvet jackets, tweed overcoats, vintage wool & silk scarves.
More new arrivals including Harris Tweed jackets, velvet jackets, vintage tailcoats and more.
I made a few compilations of the various colours of Harris Tweed jackets currently for sale on my website and thought I would share on here
Glad to hear it is serving you well
A couple of nice recent additions to my online shop ... all are Harris Tweed jackets.
Lots more stunning tweeds just arrived, don't miss out!
Many new arrivals!
Many new arrivals this week!
I thought I would share these with you as I just added them to my website. Although they have no great age, I think they are unusual. Each wool tie has a different pattern on each side..4 ties in 1
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