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Just added many more Harris Tweed jackets to my online shop ... lots of styles, sizes and colours, lots more to be added next week!
As always I have for sale a huge selection of top quality pure wool mens Harris Tweed jackets. Lots of sizes, styles and colours available with most at just £59 .. top quality tweeds at affordable prices! New stock added daily, worldwide shipping!!
Lots more Harris Tweed sport coats arriving now, huge selection with many @ just £59. Huge selection of top quality classic & vintage menswear for sale with new stock added daily as well as lots of other brands of mens tweed jackets for sale . Worldwide shipping.
Pristine green velvet smoking jacket with frogging. Unworn condition... £175!
Thought I would share this 72 ways to fold a pocket square
I have just added a HUGE selection of NEW luxury gentlemen's 100% silk accessories. We have just acquired a superb selection of men's luxury silk accessories from a top notch gentleman's outfitters and we are able to offer them for sale a discounted prices. We only have a very limited number of each item so when they are gone, they are gone for good. Some of the items we currently have on offer are.. Pure silk cravats - various designs Silk pocket squares .. Including...
Love the cape Spoo, great find!
Thank you all, I have noted that I "think" it is camel hair but not certain without label
It is a 36R - 38R depending on preferred fit. It is live on the website now
Thank you, I had thought it was camel hair but I also thought camel hair was less course to touch and this is soft but quite course? Yes I am the vendor as I said, I am also a she not a he
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