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My favourite also!
A few gents vintage tweed jackets ... : )
There are some great images on the blog ... I quite like it
Thanks for sharing that, its good to know : )
A few more images of Harris Tweed from my blog : )
Grey herringbone wool 3 button 1960s vintage Harris Tweed jacket slim fitted mens 42S @ £59 . Grey herringbone wool Harris Tweed jacket mens 42R @ £59 . Harris Tweed jacket black grey herringbone wool mens 43S @ £59 . Many more grey herringbone wool tweed jackets sizes on the website as well as many more styles! Worldwide Shipping!!
Thank you
A few more Harris Tweed cloth images from my blog... : )
Pre 1980's Harris Tweed tended to be much heavier & courser, from 1980's onwards many of the tweeds became alot lighter and softer. A 1960's / 70's Harris Tweed jacket will often say "Lightweight" on the label, but actually by todays terms would be considered quite a heavy weight Harris Tweed
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