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Ours is an old 1960s vintage tailors dummy but you can buy new ones on ebay
A few of my current Harris Tweed offerings ....
Great suit!
Funny ad and love the suit!
I agree, if your jacket is too short it will actually make you look shorter ....
Lots online ; )
Special Offer .... Enter code SUMMER10 at checkout until August 19th 2012 and receive 10% off your order @ www.tweedmansvintage.co.uk Over 1000 gentlemens classic & vintage garments offered for sale ... 200 superb Harris Tweed Jackets! Best wishes Denise
If you are on a budget why not look at vintage shops Denise
No 2 are my favourite
Theres lots on the website, and I shall adding more this week so keep your eyes peeled
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