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I have a number of vintage silk pocket squares for sale. Hand rolled hems and made in Italy @ £14.99 each. All as new condition
Huge selection of genuine Harris Tweed mens jackets @ £59 ... more new arrivals!
Vic Reeves ... he is brilliant. : )
Lovely suit, great colour!
I have for sale a superb selection of vintage silk pocket squares, most with hand rolled edges @ £14.99 These are just a few of them, please click on the link below to view them all. Silk Pocket Squares
[[SPOILER]] Love this look, very nice indeed!
I am just adding more in various sizes so keep an eye on the website
Ours is an old 1960s vintage tailors dummy but you can buy new ones on ebay
A few of my current Harris Tweed offerings ....
Great suit!
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