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Damn those measurements suck. I have it preordered in same size
the brood cardi is nice
http://www.gravitypope.com/clothing/product/5596-stephan-schneider-aw1346-dme-moth i hope this isnt the knit i preordered from SP... that one in the pictures didn't have a hood, and this one does... nevermind I ordered BEE cardigan, that is MOTH
i subscribe to mistobox and tonx... i've noticed mistobox coffees are all way too lightly roasted, all citrus mostly... tonx has been roasting a bit darker than the roasters in mistobox, and i greatly prefer that...
http://www.etq-amsterdam.com/service/lookbook/ Those grey low tops are real nice looking. Anyone have experience with these shoes in person? They are hand made in portugal from what i've read. Thanks
Are there any brands out there like polerstuff but not made in china?
o.e. lido is the best hand grinder, either that or get one of those vintage ones
STUMPTOWN BREW BAR 30th west 8th... awesome
Jcrew x dickies chinos made in USA for $12 each in store. Originally $85 still wont kop that but others might
damn me for sleeping on that Navy Windowpane Check fabric, was about to order an odd coat.
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