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I think I will order some of the kent wang shirts they look great.. I also have this beauty coming my way:
I will be headed to Mumbai for a business trip, and it looks like it is quite warm and humid and my current set of shirts is probably not adequate, anyone have any recommendations for some good linen slim shirts.
i go hiking in my $300 danner boots haha...this is the ONLY THREAD ON STYLEFORVM i care about
same i have a similiar margiela
5 just sucks in that color imo
by the way, very favorable USD to CAD right now... $210 CAD was only $194 USD!
No man walks alone will carry SS?
#8 preordered - thats all i guess
do you think #10 is long as fck?
20 is awesome, but totally not my style so i wont get it
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