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Finished the Tonx sample yesterday, was really one of the most interesting coffee's i ever had. Post grind it reallly smelled like plums. Then tasted like chocolate and berries while drinking. Never had anything like that before. 3RD WAVE BABY 3RD WAVE
Check out my WWM jacket for sale - should fit you http://www.styleforum.net/t/338323/woolrich-woolen-mills-upland-jacket-sz-small-spring-army-olive-green-color/0_20
a.p.c. shorts
oh shit you are going for the vans now after all these years
btw ervell private sale on outerwear use coupon: outerwear15 IMO this season is the weakest yet.
Tomorrow I am headed to a Kane Brewery Tap Takeover and this is the list: 1. Head High (IPA) 2. Overhead (DIPA) 3. Dry Hopped Single Fin (Belgian Blonde) 4. Silent Nights 2011 (Imperial Stout aged 1 year) 5. Morning Bell (Imperial Coffee Milk Porter) 6. Port Omna (American Stout) 7. Malus (Belgian DS w/ Apple Cider) 8. Quad (Belgian Quad, the base beer for 365) 9. Bourbon Barrel Aged Head High 10. Bourbon Barrel Aged Overhead 11. Drift Wood (Barrel Aged Drift Line Oatmeal...
Has anyone gone hiking in these clothes? Do they wick away moisture sufficiently?
I just got the Tonx sample with peru - will try tomorrow morning. There is another company mistobox - sends 4 - 2 oz packages for $15/mo - with free shipping on any of those 4 coffees for a full or half size package. All single origin, freshly roasted, etc. If you want to try it out for $5 - for 8 oz of coffee (4 - 2 oz packs) - feel free to use my invite link: Mistobox - use code COFFEE at check out.
Then don't wear a blazer, you will probably look like you are trying too hard. Shut up and read this shit for like a month, then ask questions.
I kopped a bunch of those J.Crew made in vermont wool socks and I must say they are pretty nice.
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