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DANNER STUMPTOWN MTN LIGHTS - not just for urban hiking (FYI i got these in 9.5 and they fit well, i am a 10 in vans / 42 in common projects ) took them on a 4.5 hr hike in the catskills - they were great
brand new on ebay rather cheap...
I don't like GM food because i still have taste buds, also i am not really into massive amounts of chemicals sprayed on my food (as harmless as they claim to be). Monsanto is the anti small farmer. Also, if you want to eat cheap mass produced chemically sprayed, GMO food, go ahead, but... THIS IS STYLEFORVM! Plebian!
measurements? is it in new condition?
Whats the best bag to use if I want to fit my laptop (15") + lunch (maybe a sandwich /w an ice pack or leftovers in pyrex, ) +snacks (usually fruit) + water I need to start taking public transportation every so often, and I really don't want to carry 2 bags (one for food, one for laptop)
That is an absolute crazy price. I paid like $35 INCLUDING SHIPPING straight from germany when I bought mine 2 years back.
Not even 100 lb girls get hungover with 1 drink.
Do not recommend. If you want to drink something young that is an italian powerhouse - go for a brunello instead from 07.
In my opinion the best hand grinder you can buy is a Porlex. If you want to stay on the cheaper end of things (i.e. under $75 )
I think she wants you to hate everyone, but im not sure
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