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the quilted sweatshirt is kinda cool, the hoodie is better imo
tbh the jacket looks like shit on every other website except the corner's I didnt even realize its the same jacket... and yes the measurements even a small is too large damn
Anyone know where to find this jacket besides the corner? http://www.thecorner.com/us/men/jacket_cod41385948ek.html Thanks
Up for sale we have the Patrik Ervell Field coat from F/W 2012. This is brand new without tags, only tried on. Removable wool insert - so you can wear this coat in a variety of seasons. The current F/W 2013 Field Coat retails for $800ish Price: $375-->$340-->$299-->$265 SHIPPED USA. (pm me for international rates) Measurements: Chest: 20 & 1/4th Shoulders: 17.5 Length: 29 & 1/4th Sleeve: 24 & 3/4ths Size Small
Anywhere besides TheShoeMart have alden cap toe boots in #8 on the grant last? They don't have my size
Need some new work pants, let me know what you got... brown/greys
http://www.etq-amsterdam.com/all/ Up for order now - nice stuff imo
i called it out few weeks back that its GONE
got my size 4 and im 5'8 - 155 lbs - mine fits better than that dude above... but im probably going to wear it open... the PUP sweater imo kills that one for me but both are balling... finding room in my draws on the other hand was tough, these things are THICK
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