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Sonchus knit kopped
Grey houndstooth. Kopped
Every single one I wanted was sold out before I was able to complete the purchase
sup...some gray and brown winter trousersa schneider winter coat of some sort when its on sale
Not on your website yet?
what a threak
its not super short like most, but not as long as bee... a good length imo
got my suspension point pre order... cardigan poa fits decently, shoulders kinda pointy, which will settle down /w wear
I think quoddy def changed their sizing. I have the blucher moc in 9.5 and they fit perfectly, got them maybe 3 years ago. Recently got the boat moc in the same size are they are tight and my feet are hurting... Also have a pair of high chukka mocs coming in 10 soon to see what the size difference is. Hope these boat mocs stretch
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