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Up for sale is a brand new nom de guerre jacket from S/S 2010. Never been worn. Size Medium Green Camo MADE IN JAPAN Measurements: Pit to pit - ~ 19.75 inches Length: 30 inches Here is the lookbook pic (not same color): Here is the actual color: My Pics: Materials:
about 22% at age 26 (northern NJ)
Just used my hario v60 01 at the office rather than the aeropress... less grind time, less cleanup, decent cup. I am probably never bringing the aeropress to the office again.
Porlex is great for the aeropress - for FP at that size the coarse is very uneven - but I use it anyway - I would get a baratza if you aren't concerned about travel gear... Porlex mini+aeropress = ultimate travel/office setup.
^ where is that from?
I bought the small in that APC sweatshirt, the shoulders are hanging off my shoulders.. and I have broad shoulders. being returned - be on the lookout. I also kopped the burgundy petite standards in 31 - being returned as well - be on the lookout.
you will turn to a fatty
When I bought my first pair of APC jeans about 6-7 years ago, there were hardly any brands making raw slim fit denim at a decent price, well worth it. That being said I would never buy full price APCs again when you can get lots of other good stuff cheap... (i.e. wings + horns, 3sixteen, etc). The $400 RRL denim I have which I have owned a good 5 years, (bought for $80) was the best deal I think. Also the flathead jeans i've had for over 4 years when the yen was around...
Robusta also contains more caffeine than arabica
DANNER STUMPTOWN MTN LIGHTS - not just for urban hiking (FYI i got these in 9.5 and they fit well, i am a 10 in vans / 42 in common projects ) took them on a 4.5 hr hike in the catskills - they were great
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