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Fresco in black - fits so nice!
Suspension Point 2nd deposit sent...
Fresco in black, done and doneee
Its a lot more windy in NYC... I was wearing an WWM unlined wool jacket and was good enough for the car to the office...
I love my Memory coat in green, but only wear it when its like 25F and below... Fresco or Conservation in black... Hmmm
Does anyone have the J8 stole scarf? Do you think it will start to unravel due to the unfinished edges years down the line?
The memory coat is great in this cold weather around NYC today.
Kopped those alfred sargeant for jcrew navy suede cap toe boots on final sale today for a nice price!
Gradient in Blue - Kopped https://www.eastdane.com/gradient-crew-neck-sweater-sns/vp/v=1/1588329882.htm?folderID=32112&colorId=82440 Crappy model pic, but I can't wait to get this one.
New Posts  All Forums: