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hmm last day for suspension point - what is everyone getting?
So band of outsiders is back with some new designers.. I personally think it looks like shit, but that's me.
my coat closet has no more room, shittt
Don't forget their prices are in CAD.
Stephan Schneider Jacket Time in houndstooth - so nice
Done. Tux: Benjamin Satorial 1 button satin peak lapel Studs: Kent Wang Cuff Links: Kent Wang Tux Shirt: Kent Wang Bowtie: Robert Talbott Shoes: Crockett & Jones
No Robert Talbott only makes self tie.I have a grosgrain one from Robert Talbott, but I have a satin tux for my wedding, my grosgrain tux is a bit old.
Yeah I didnt mind, in the end its the best choice I believe. Bowtie I am considering: Any napoli makers have something nice?
Tuxedo update part 3. Sid Mashburn - returned - fabric is too casual for a wedding RLPL Anthony tux - returned - button stance is way too low, pants are size 31... on a 38. Ordered: Benjamin Teatro tuxedo: Much cheaper than the other 2, but I have a feeling this one is going to work out the best.
I am a 38s, so eBay is tough. I bought the sid mashburn but going to return it. The fabric is a bit flat...
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