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Kopped those alfred sargeant for jcrew navy suede cap toe boots on final sale today for a nice price!
Gradient in Blue - Kopped https://www.eastdane.com/gradient-crew-neck-sweater-sns/vp/v=1/1588329882.htm?folderID=32112&colorId=82440 Crappy model pic, but I can't wait to get this one.
My Memory coat has arrived... a touch long being 5'8 but i'm going to wear it mostly with business wear rather than casual so it works. So warm! Jade green.
Fwiw I generally wear modern prep.
It has nothing to do with my style, it just generally looks very try hard to me, without understanding what it takes to pull that look off. Others could wear the exact same style of clothing and nail it. And yes the pants are not very business casual traditionally, but only due to color.
yes it's cause you iron your clothes.You could tuck that shirt in, throw on a belt and dress shoes and then you are business casual. It looks like someone took their dress clothes and tried to make them look relaxed. I keep a completely different set of shirts for business vs casual. The cuts of the shirts differ. A business shirt you want longer to tuck in, a casual shirt needs to be meant to be untucked.
I'll be honest if I saw you on the street I would think you are trying too hard. Everything looks too new and crispy and contrived. I would also say your haircut, sunglasses, etc need to really play into your look as well or it won't Look as good.
also are those no man walks alone 2nd payments for the jackets due soon? gotta figure out when i need to spend
suspension point pre orders up... some wild shit
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