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No Robert Talbott only makes self tie.I have a grosgrain one from Robert Talbott, but I have a satin tux for my wedding, my grosgrain tux is a bit old.
Yeah I didnt mind, in the end its the best choice I believe. Bowtie I am considering: https://shop.roberttalbott.com/rt-solid-black-satin-010280c-01.html Any napoli makers have something nice?
Tuxedo update part 3. Sid Mashburn - returned - fabric is too casual for a wedding RLPL Anthony tux - returned - button stance is way too low, pants are size 31... on a 38. Ordered: Benjamin Teatro tuxedo: http://ehaberdasher.com/index.php/clothing/suits/benjamin-sartorial-tuxedo-teatro.html Much cheaper than the other 2, but I have a feeling this one is going to work out the best.
I am a 38s, so eBay is tough. I bought the sid mashburn but going to return it. The fabric is a bit flat...
okay thanks - it seems they list pants as 30-32 on a IT48.. Doesn't really make sense.
Anyone have experience with their kincaid fit? For a IT48 it says the pants are size 30-32? Are they really drop 8!? Usually a size 48 has pants size 32, but if the pants are size 30, there is no way i will fit in them. Thanks
Hmm seems that one didnt get marked down...Well regarding the Sid Mashburn Tux... their size IT48 comes with a size 30 waist pants... kind of very tight
oh wow, good catch on the vents on the RLPL... the sid mashburn if you can tuck the pockets seems pretty nice, and a good savings of $850 (including tax)... also I like the grosgrain better because i already have a grosgrain bowtie!
I am looking for a black, 1 button peak lapel with non flapped pockets, non vented.It has to be on the trim side as well.The MTM option is the last option I want to take as I find them to never fit as well as OTR.the Sid mashburn has the wrong type of pocketsthe lapels on the suit supply just don't look rightthe anthony tuxedo by ralph lauren is the only one that hits the details correctly in my mind and is trim...
i think im just going to bite the bullet and pay near full price for a purple label anthony tuxedo, there is just nothing else out there, and they seem to not go on sale.
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