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I have not, and I am a fan of the prince of wales check, I appreciate the head's up
Hey all, I'm looking for the best slim-fitting flat-front wool pants I can get for my money (plan to pair with blazer), I'm looking to spend $50-70. I know epaulet and bonobos are decent but they're a bit more than I'd like to spend. BB appears to be my best choice but I was wondering if there's anything for a bit less money (land's end?). I understand that that's not very high for a good pair of wool pants but I'd appreciate any advice you could give me. Thrifting/ebay...
7FAM seems to get some pretty bad press, but I'm having a hard time finding a breakdown of specifically why they get bad press. How do they compare to comparably priced jeans (~200), such as N+F and APC? Distressing? Materials distinction? Quality control? Any resources you have would be appreciated.
I'm not sure if this was aimed at me, but I would just like to clarify that I have no problem with the measurement procedure, and I find your measurement guide to be incredibly thorough (probably the best I've encountered). I was just wondering why some producers ask for different measurements (around the outside of the elbow, instead of straight down)
I frequently see sleeve length measured around a bent arm (example 1, 2, 3) however in your sizing guide you show a picture where the measure doesn't go around the elbow, but instead goes straight down to the wrist. Obviously your picture indicates the proper way of measuring for your products. I'm just looking for some clarity as it concerns the measurement. Is the straight-line method generally more accepted? Is there a benefit to using the around-the-elbow measurement?...
Good afternoon! First of all, I have read through the t-shirt thread in its entirety but this specific questions doesn't seem to be discussed I got an Alternative Apparel shirt and I love the cut. Unfortunately I can see through it and my nipples are very obvious. Is there any shirt that is a very similar cut, but is a thicker fabric? I've tried j-crew, espirit, gap, and a lot other brands and all of their white shirts are translucent. tldr I just want a well fitting...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ivwri [[SPOILER]] Great stuff, man
Looking great aeglus, fit is spot on, I never get tired of your leather.
Quote: Originally Posted by asobu It may be a trick of the lighting, but I'm curious why you paired dirty sneakers with such a crisp shirt. I probably don't know a quarter as much you do about style overall, but to me they look a bit out of place against the clean lines and drape of the outfit. I think I'd prefer simple offwhite sneakers in this situation, rather than dirty ones.
Looking for a basic well fitting white tee (crew or V) that will not show the darker shade of my nipples. Expected to be worn around 80F weather, so it has to breathe reasonably well. Looking to spend 25-40 USD. Suggestions?
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