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Anyone gotten their hand grade shoes (monks, brogues) resoled? Where did you go and what was the experience like?
I really like the 40mm version of this Hamilton which it looks like I can get for ~$750 Any suggestions for something similar? I'm looking for something that's dressy enough to wear to work, but with a casual vibe if that makes sense. That Hamilton is the best example I can find.
You might want to look into Suitsupply. Quality is similar to Brooks Brothers at a much lower price. They have a good return policy where you can send anything back for free (they'll handle shipping), so you can get multiple items to try on and keep whichever ones you like.
Just wondering if any of you guys have experience or know something about this suit. I recently purchased a Charcoal RLBL suit online with a retail of $2195. I was wondering if anyone knew anything about how it differed from the standard RLBL suit that retails for ~$1600 or so. The only thing that's visible is that it has a ticket pocket (something I've never seen in RLBL) and is made from wool twill. Anyone know anything else or have experience with higher end RLBL suits...
Any idea how much this might cost?
Some RLPL ties on sale now too. Not a bad deal at 50-odd bucks What is the difference between these two suits? They look identical, but one is priced at $1595 and the other at $1895. Is it different fabric?
I recently received a suit that I ordered online and while it fits very well, the pants have side tab adjusters and no belt loops. The pants haven't been hemmed yet - can I use the extra fabric from the hemming to add belt loops? Would my tailor be able to do this?
What are your favorite bit loafers? What price range should you be looking to spend to get a quality pair? Are Ferragamo and Gucci the end-all?
I have liked Eau de Mandarine Ambree from Hermes recently. I got one of those sampler vials from the store. Very light and summary if that's what you're looking for.
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