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Quote: Originally Posted by Jump Around What do you guys think about these Sebago Fairhavens with jeans? They look very similar to their boat shoes so wasn't sure if it'll look right wearing them whenever. Anyone know where I can get the dark brown with the brown sole? I found the "roughed out" model but not really into those. I was looking at those too. As stated above, the quality is lacking but they'd work as beaters. Brown...
Quote: Originally Posted by PhoenixDown Thanks for the tip, time to take advantage of that prime shipping. Probably going to order the sand. Edit: ahh they don't have my size in that =/ Get the beeswax leather and waterproof them. Looks hot.
Looks like I'll be spending closer to 300 on that NdG field jacket. Shame.
Just ordered a Saint James Meridien in "Ecru Persian" and a vintage flannel in buffalo check. Nice.
Quote: Originally Posted by sockpuppets What are they? They look similar to 1000 miles to me. Thorogood x Epaulet Horsehide Boots. I think they look awesome but I can't speak intelligently about the quality. Probably gonna kop tonight.
Quote: Originally Posted by mike868y merino or lambswool cardigan? lambswool for sure
Quote: Originally Posted by HelloIDistance I'm leaning towards black, but I dig the heather grey one too. Hard decisions Well, the heather I think is more versatile and eye-catching. Layers would pop under it, more so than the black.
About to pull the trigger on these. Worth it for 245?
Quote: Originally Posted by HelloIDistance 3Sixteen duffel coats up. Can't decide which color to get! Guide me...leaning towards black. The Heather is my pick but they're all pretty great.
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