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I should be more in line with my request for specific information. I know they are very expensive and only worth so much more. I want to know is that if they do a better job in the capillary sweat to keep its shape, raised through a variety of washing, the color is consistent from the lost, and so much better, it is worth its premium cost.
It all depends on you, 1.If you wanted to be like two people, I want to say a short trouser T shirt is good. 2 If you want to feel comfortable and free you, I would say T shirt pants are all desirable 3, if you would like to see the beautiful and then go read sleeveless tops and short skirts that
I agree about the sleeves, not for everyone, but the $ 5 made popular in the United States, I'm just saying the quality of good things; after every wash these shirts always seem to rebound to form and maintain its color.
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