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Hey everyone, My fiancée's family wants to get me a pair of dress shoes as a gift, one of a handful. They requested which ones I like, I was going to grab a pair of the AE Fifth aves or even the AE Park aves, tho to formal for my lifestyle. I normally never pay full price for AE's but her parents want to get them. So I was wondering if there are any other brands or shoes you guys can recommend around the same retail price as the AE? thanks in advance! Happy Friday
Hey, I purchased the AE conditioner and polish cream for my walnut shoes, but after a year, it seems to have build up... Is there a way to remove all everything and start fresh? I haven't had this problem with other brand shoes, so I posted it here versus the shoecare thread...wondering it its the AE products. Thanks in advance!
Seriously not one opinion? lol
Hey everyone, I recently graduated with my masters and my fiancé wants to buy me a gift. I've had my eye on the below card holders for a while. I know some of you on the forum are not fans of some of these brands and some of the styling might be a bit loud but they look pretty sweet. Well these are the choices I've rounded down to. What would be your pick? side note: I get $90 of the LV stuff because I have an old credit with them. Mulberry: $170 Alexander...
Its been a few years since I've purchased shirts and I want to start fresh! I have $1000 to spend on rebuilding my shirt collection. I was going to just order them from charles tyrwhitt but I'd love to hear what you guys would get and how many of what shirts? I was thinking: 2 Whites ( 1 FC and 1 BC) 2 Light Blue shirts And maybe a mixed batch of solids and strips Along with some checkered shirts. Thats my list. What brands would you guys get? BB? Thomas Pink? etc
According to some more research I've been checking out. Zara seems to be true to size...explains why when I tried on their 31 pants, I couldn't even close the buttons...lol I thought they purposely made extra slims when in reality they made true 31...Maybe American's are becoming so over-weight we need to be lied to... lol
Ok I just found out this existed...apologizes for my ignorance, but maybe someone can assist in shedding some light on this for me. I've searched around the threads and I've been reading up on it but still a little confused. I finally decided to measure my waist after the inability to find the right belt, and I'm a 33.5(34 probably) and this is at my highest weight (hopefully drop some weight over the spring/summer) I mostly wear chinos/khakis, Jeans and casual pants...
I was just asking if this is common..relax and remove the tampon. I've already went to the store and swapped it for a 32...though now the leg room is a bit loose.
Hey guys, Quick question, I've recently started wearing more casual chinos and pants versus my jeans. I'm a bit confused by the sizing. I wear a 30 waist in slim fit jeans across the board, but with casual pants it seems to vary. I recently picked up Emerson vintage chinos from Banana Republic, but 30 did not fit, and 31 is a little snug...32 seems to fit right. I assume it's the stretch of the Jeans, so I measured my waist, right above the hip-bone and its a little over...
Damnit...lol I was bored at work...figured I'd just make this...
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