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No I closed the listings on my jeans about a week ago
I am not a scammer. I placed a shit ton of orders and probably 90% of the people got their items with no problems. There were quite a few problems that came up that were out of my hands. I ended up losing my job b/c of this. Employee discount abuse and have been ordered to pay back all the discounts by RL. The number is in the thousands. I intend on making things right with the guys who lost money. I apologize to anyone who lost money. Contacting my Dad for money...
They just aren't very popular on the forums/ebay. Up in NYC, most of the guys that work at RRL stores seem to wear the straight fit. I personally like the straight fit. It fits similar to the low straight, but with a higher rise. Updates- I have been slow on replying to PMs. About 10 at night I was putting up the top on my convertible in my driveway. Next thing I know, I have 2 guns in my face. The took my wallet and phone and pistol whipped me numerous times in the...
RRL Low straight Wasit -16.5 Front Rise- 10.8 Thigh-12 Leg opening-8 includes priority shipping is USA international please contact me for actual shipping for more info
Brand new pair of RRL Low Straight Waist-18 front rise-11.5 thigh 12.5 leg opening-8.4 includes shipping international please contact me for actual shipping rates more info here
The jean business brings up a confusing question about returns and exchanges, I bought a pair of APCs off the web and within 30 minutes of indoor sittting I had honeycombs
These are really nice. if you have any doubts, don't.
Do you need a special shoe tree for the boots?
They are a grail boot. I still am afraid to wear mine.
the weather is nice today
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