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Marston, a loafer with a straight strap across the upper. Made from the finest calf leather and bark tanned single leather soles from the Hand Grade collection. Size: 10,5 Fitting : E Last : 337 The shoes are used but in good condition, except for the small cuts at the front of the shoes (there is a close-up of it in the pictures). Shoe trees are not included. Asking price: US $200 180160 incl. shipping to anywhere.
Hey guys, I got a great briefcase from a friend. He doesn't remember where he got it and there is no mention of a brand name on it. It only says "City Line" on the front and there is an inscription on the inside that says "citare questo numero incaso di reclamo 3". It also says "made in italy" on the zippers. The leather feels great and I'm just curious whether anyone can point me towards the maker?
I'm interested in this model: If I remember correctly no one has posted a picture of those in this thread. I'd be grateful if anyone who has bought this model would share some pictures and/or experiences. Thanks!
I found the picture in the thread. They look even better here.
I'm really loving the way the "Benchgrade captoe balmoral" shoes look in the product shots in your store. I was wondering though, are there any pictures of people wearing them? I'd love to see them on someone. I did a quick search here in the forum but unfortunately didn't come up with anything. Thanks and great work!
If you are selling a pair of APC Standards in a size 31, please let me know. I would prefer them to be in new/close to new condition. Thanks
As noobizor said, while I really liked the cut, the fact that they stretched out too much and that they ripped after roughly 7 months haven't made me a loyal fan. If I have to buy a new pair anyways, why not try something similar that maybe doesn't have the same drawbacks as the NS.
A Tale of Two Cities by Dickens The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith
Hi everyone, I had a pair of APC NS size 31. I loved the cut, although in the end they stretched out a bit too much for my taste. I had to retire them after they ripped at the crotch. I'm looking for something similar and someone mentioned that the Epaulet Smith Slim-Straight Jean has a similar cut. Is that correct? And if they are a viable replacement, do they also stretch as much as APCs? What size would you recommend if I was a 31 in the APCs? Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by jrd617 I lost track of how many times the interview said "sort of" and "you know" Math is not your strong point? I thought the interview was good, I liked Mark's approach to selling clothes. Will definitely check it out when I finally manage to visit HK.
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