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Quote: Originally Posted by blahman You saying the clothes are not great or are you saying you just don't like the film noir feel to the film? putting alan arkin in the 1930's style in a sci fi movie like just felt out of place to me.
another district in sf that used to be good for euro fashion was the corner of sutter and fillmore. e.g., pricey italian mens shoes that you had to have mutant feet to fit into.
Thom Cruise's silver-gray suit in the Michael Mann movie collateral with Jamie Foxx. anyone who has one of these can confidently apply for a job as a hitman
Quote: Originally Posted by anuar I am surprised no one has mentioned Gattaca. the big mistake with gattaca was putting all the detectives in 1930 style trenchcoats and snap brim hats when the setting was the future. a gimmick that did not work.
Quote: Originally Posted by JohnnyCrockett San Fran and Frisco are the best ways to make it clear you're not from SF. SF and San Francisco are the way to refer to it. Only wannabe New Yorkers and other new timers call it "the City" and it makes true San Franciscans cringe. Bullshit. These are pretentious arrivistes who love to find reasons to cringe. As far as wannabe New Yorkers are concerned, Frisco always wanted to be New York anyway,...
Quote: Originally Posted by joneog I'm looking to pick up my first overcoat and since I can only pick up one quality piece at this time was wondering what is the most versatile color and style for my SB 2-button blue and grey suits. After searching a bit I see that charcoal color is recomended, although I've seen some nice camel colored and was wondering what suit and shoe colors I should avoid if I go with that. thanks, jon I assume you...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sanguis Mortuum It looks like a pick and pick (fil a fil) to me. this looks a little too hopsacky for me. Hopsack is cheap and unassuming. Filthy rich people wear it when they want to look like ordinary people. Someone mentioned serge. I don't know much about it except that it is related to twill. I have worn a lot of garbardine and twill and it is a tough sort of papery fabric with a small tight diagonal...
Quote: Originally Posted by The_Foxx new year's eve (our digital camera appears to be from the future), decided to go with a suit instead of the tuxedo to see a jazz show and drink/ revel a little. newly purchased navy and french blue Thurston braces, after seeing these in an issue of The Rake mag: if these suspenders are made of the same material as some I once bought, I would avoid them. The fabric shreds after about 3 wearings.
Quote: Originally Posted by The_Foxx true, but pinstripes also kick ass in most any situation-- pinstripes can look a bit mafioso. especially black stripes on white. but that may be exactly what some men want.
A fashion house in Bangkok called DOMON.
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