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Can anyone let me know if the black watch shirt is more like this colour or more subdued like this The photos seem conflicting but I prefer the latter.
When will Gustin breed more of Army Green Chore Coats?
Jay any idea when the unbranded tapered chinos will land? Thank you
Just wanna give some rep for Randomkoreandude. Great proxy. Responds to PMs fast. Received goods from US to Australia. Would use again. Cheers mate
How accurate are the chest measurements on the uniqlo website for the oxfords ? Do they include the box pleat stretched out/opened? Thanks.
Chest measurement on sz L in this please. Would you consider this a lightweight jacket with some wind protection?
The retail price in Aust is ~$150. So you wont get anything under $100 unless you buy online overseas from amazon/ebay etc.
Similar experience here, ordered a bracelet on the 23rd Aug, not here yet, although he says it has been shipped a few weeks back.
Quote: Originally Posted by fuktard Thanks, new to this and trying to figure out sizes. I've read that people usually go TTS for skinny guy and size down 1 for Weird Guy. I know my measurements, but can't find any measurements for n&f online. So are the skinny guy and weird guy both 1 inch bigger than tag size? Why do you go TTS in the skinny there no stretch in them or are they just that much skinnier than the weird guy where it's too tough...
Cant wait to see fade pics on those, oh wait.
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