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Nicola: Thanks for your reply, the advice sounds very reasonable. I haven't tried any MTM services yet. Would you have any recommendations as to which of the ones that operate in NY start with a narrow shoulder? I've been skimming the discussions of NY MTM's and haven't seen shoulder width being discussed. From the same discussions I've gathered that Mr. Ned, LS Mens Clothes, Andrew Lock and Kent Wang would have a good balance for me between price and...
Thanks to everyone for advice. I'll look into Andrew Lock and Kent Wang as my main alternatives. Just by quickly glancing it seems that the Kent Wang' process assumes a bit more knowledge from the part of the buyer than I might be able to provide. best, Artturi
Dear Styleforum, I'm looking to buy a well fitting suit. The challenge is my build. I'm fairly slender at 5'11" / 180 cm and 141 pounds / 64 kg. My shoulders are narrow compared to my chest and waist. Even when I find a jacket that fits ok from soulders I've never found a perfect fit round my neck - there is always too much of a collar gap for my liking. My trouser waist is around 29 inches. I'm in my early thirties and I've had the same build for about 10 years now,...
Shoulder to shoulder?
Hi, are the measurements taken after a wash or after they have stretched? Thanks!
interested in the indigo sweat!
how much shipped to Europe?
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