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Me in my BB Madras that I picked up last year.
This post+your avatar = me losing it.
Can anyone suggest some moderately complex vegetable recipes. I am trying to up my servings of veggies from 3-4 to 6-7 and want some more interesting ways to eat them beyond the usual saute/boil/steam. Less time is always better but feel free to give me something relatively adventurous. P.S. I work at a Whole Foods style store so I can usually get just about anything.
Yes it is.why no OCBDs?
That was at Gore. And it wasn't really a glade, more of a path wide enough for one person that took a 75 deg turn. The turn itself was solid ice. By the time I went to dig in I had already hit the tree. My head slammed into the tree, I bounced off, fell down, and promptly got run over by the person behind me. Not my best skiing moment.
A Jacket would not have to be that big to fit over a vest while unbuttoned.I am not a big fan of the matching hat and jacket but love the look from the head down.
Ya I haven't gone in about 6 or 7 years and that comment shocked me. That being said, a helmet saved me a lot of damage when I hit ice in a glade and slammed my head into a tree.
So I saw a pair of apc new standards on sale online. How do they size compared to Levi's? I wear a loose 32 in Levi 501s and tight 32 in 514s. I am looking to upgrade my demin and like the look of the NS.
Yes it does. Most silk ties will look a tad off with business casual. And in fact, it will stop being business casual. If you are doing a jeans and jacket thing, stick with a a noticeable weave or knit tie. Wool would work though. It will look a little less formal.What he said about the jacket is dead on though.
Can anyone recommend a light transitional jacket for
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