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Quote: Originally Posted by Krish the Fish If he's buying it for you, and it's his wedding, I'd say go with what he (or the bride) would rather you do. If they insist on you having black, I wouldn't make too much of a fuss over it; after all, dude is paying for your tux. If they don't seem to mind, or you convince him (I find it hard to believe that if the bride wants you to wear a black tux, you could convince her of anything else) then by all means find...
Quote: Originally Posted by TheDarkKnight I'd be interested to know where you find a thrifty midnight blue tux. Seems like it'll be quite difficult.
one last thing, would a pair of shoes like this be ok?
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton No one will notice. Awesome, thank you. Now to find a some what cheap midnight blue tux...which may not be possible. I know indochino makes one for a decent price. Maybe I'll look into that.
My best friend is getting married and I'm best man. We're wearing tuxes and so he said since he was buying one for himself for the wedding he'd buy mine as my groomsmen gift. I kind of want a midnight blue tux. He doesn't. Would it look silly if I was in midnight blue and he was in black? Also, the wedding party consists of me and the brides brother who already owns a tux. Should we try to buy a tux that matches his? (I'm pretty sure he has peak lapel, single button...
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