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Quote: Originally Posted by Warren G. ahahha yeah... yeah dude is pretty good.
Quote: Originally Posted by Steve Thomas Be glad you even have this option. I just had to get fitted for a Men's Warehouse monstrosity. And lucky me...I'll be sporting a pink vest and tie along with an ivory shirt. Because of the ivory I can't even wear my own fitted white tux shirt. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck...there goes more than $200 for a hideous ensemble... i was in a wedding a while back in which we wore brown men's warehouse tuxes...
Quote: Originally Posted by Bounder Holy Mother of Freaking God. You are invited to a wedding where, not only are you allowed to wear a proper DJ rather than some Men's Wearhouse monstrosity, the groom is actually going to buy a proper peak-lapel DJ for you. Your panties are in a knot because the bride has asked -- no doubt picturing Men's Wearhouse monstrosities -- that the DJ be black. Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you? Have you read...
Quote: Originally Posted by dah328 I have worn the sole midnight blue tuxedo in a wedding party a half dozen different times and no one has ever noticed that it was not black. Whoever suggested you find a midnight blue tux and call it black has the right idea. Where did you get yours if I might ask?
Quote: Originally Posted by HPress Seriously? Why the FUCK would you want to marry someone like this? sooo agree here. Isn't marriage supposed to be a 2 way thing? yeah I get it that most guys get owned by their wives. That's their fault. The bride should pick boutenniere only, imho.
I second the guy that said McSorleys in NYC. best bar ever
Quote: Originally Posted by HPress Really? Is every woman like this? Glad I don't plan on getting married. I think a man should decide what he wants to wear on his wedding day. Let her pick the bouttoniere color. of course if the guy picks something ridiculous like a red vest/bow tie combo he should be shot.
Don't have any. But I was just told she wants it to be black. That being said, she is a girl and thus doesn't know much about men's formal wear. She probably thinks it'll be light navy blue and will look like a guido prom outfit. Just need to doo some convincing.
Quote: Originally Posted by otc So we should be looking for an account created in may with zero posts and a real name? nah I actually posted a few before realizing I had my full name on there.
Quote: Originally Posted by IronRock +1 Convince the groom to go nidnight blue then tell the bride you are the worlds expert cos you are a member of SF, show her the black tie guide, and tell her the photos will look much better if groom wears Mid-nite B. Bon chance haha agreed. this tux is going to be with me for a long time (and my buddy) so i'm trying to convince him that Blue is better. He doesn't believe me. I linked him...
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