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I have those thorogoods. Love them. My bro has the Redwings and I can honestly say I like the Thorogoods better. They cost half the price of the Redwings, seem to be almost as well made, and seem to my eye to be less bulky.
I'd go Strand. They are the only balmoral on your list and I dont like bluchers. typically.
Is it just me or is a buttondown shirt paired with athletic sneakers a terrible look? and like others above have said, jeans way too long and baggy. the only shoes that would look good with them would have to be clunky. like work boots or something. imo, the chuck taylors would get swallowed up whole by them.
I've had 3 pairs. 1 had the seat tear when I sat to tie my shoe on a bench, and 1 had a 3 inch tear on the inner thigh seem. Both were the cotton linen blend.
Quote: Originally Posted by DWFII My first serious appreciation of SMS was with Talisker and Lagavullin. So I think there is something to that...for some people. Others will be turned off forever to all SMS. I've seen that as well. Agreed. I started trying to get into scotch when I lived at home after college by having some of my dads J Walker BLack. I didn't get it. It was ok nothing special (of course it's a blend so that's a given). ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sazerac Anyone else know the Subway Inn on Lex and 60th (61st, maybe?) It's a weird old joint tucked in an unlikely UES neighborhood. It's literally falling apart and the bathrooms are out of Trainspotting. I once threw away a pair of shoes after trying, unsuccessfully, to use it. . haha yeah. great spot for a beer before heading up to yankee games.
Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek I haven't tried them all, but Lagavulin 16 is the smoothest hard alcohol I've ever had. I had 4 doubles of Lagavulin 16 last friday night and I woke up the next morning totally fine. I had 4 coronas at the Leaf's game last week and I woke up the next morning with a huge headache. Go figure. Gonna keep trying different brands, especially Islays, but I think Lagavulin 16 is gonna come out tops. I can't imagine a more...
Quote: Originally Posted by JLay87 Excellent thread. I've been interested in this and have only really been drinking it on the rocks, as room temp neat burns more than tastes like anything. Maybe I'm just being a pussy and being too impatient. Anyways, I'm definitely going to take some of this into account. Anyone know of any sites or books that deals with this in detail? Watch and...
fyi - blue and khaki colored cotton manitex on sale at daffy's for 20 bucks right now.
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