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Hey guys. Any recommendations for water/booze stains on shell? The mac method usually works but not here. Thanks!
Very similar experience here. The folks at Leffot are very pleasant and reasonable.
+1!!! Untreated has more character as well. For the treated look I would wait for a Brown Waxed Flesh makeup.
Had our holiday party last night (aka only chance to be formal ever). The Day Trippers were phenomenal.
FWIW I go to GYW all the time and love that community - and there's only one user on my block list here on SF. Think this guy transcends that.
Heirloom + peacoat and Heirloom + Filson jacket have kept me warm on NYC of late!
Daytrippers Maiden Voyage!!!
So was imagining up makeups at the gym (lol). Current favorite: 2030 last white roughout with red dainite soles.
No spoiler because these deserve to be seen more. AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING.
New Posts  All Forums: