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Patrick - mad respect for sticking to your opinions and going for that look. I personally still think the original's look better but dig where these are at. Good stuff!
Iron Hearts. Love them!
Brought the Day Trippers out for the third time today. LOVE EM.
Man I really want a Vittorio. They'll be stocked year round?
Maiden voyage! Love Commando.
Those Ravello WTBoots are amazing Mike. Very nice. Picked up the Natural CXL Indy's on Commando from Leffot today. My first Indy's as well as my first CXL shoe from Alden. Really looking forward to beating these down.
Sweet coat and boots Don!
A Cigar kind of day in New York. Love these boots:
Braved some NYC weather this week with the Waxed Flesh GTMO: Love these boots.
Speaking of Leffot being awesome...the Natty CXL Indy's are in. Pics later this evening!
New Posts  All Forums: