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Just lowered the price on these.
Hot damn these are plaza right?I don't think Indy's look particular good in shell usually but hot damn does the Plaza pull it off.
3 months of natural Indy wear:
fwiw I purchased the Day Trippers (my first purchase with Leffot) by simply calling when the Instagram purchase was made. There are far too many conspiracy theories with regard to rare makeups (well, except for Leather Soul LOL)
Picked up a pistacho henley in person today. Guys, this color is _HOT_. Grab em while you can.
lol I just kept reading. Gotta love your confidence Understatesmen. I can relate.
That's probably me? Size 8? Enjoy!
Day Trippers today! My favorite pair of shoes.
Yup, these are Shell Cordovan.
I think the best Aldens are MrDV's camera work.
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