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Damn that's a fantastic shade of Ravello.
Welcome! Excited to see you round it out with the #8s
Wow, fantastic shine watchman. Do you subscribe to the Mac Method? @kwhitelaw: Awesome Antique #8 collection. So great.
Well, worth trying on the off chance that this works: Anyone get the 8.5D Antique LWBs but actually want an 8.5E for a straight swap?
Thanks for the info/advice. I'll play around with them tonight/tomorrow. Really bummed out, they're essentially flawless and I looooove the antique edging.
Ugh. Really really want to keep these LWBs. It's a closer fit than I thought but there's a solid amount of heel slippage brand new. Would heel slippage increase or decrease over time with she'll? Thanks!
Well here they are. Bad lighting in my room but they look great. A bit wide as I thought, debating whether I want to make it work or not. Are there any general "it's too big when" guidelines?
Picking up the Antique LWBs from Leffot tomorrow. 8.5E. I think the 8.5D is the right fit. Hopefully they work out, otherwise I'll look to trade/"return" to Leffot for store credit.
Some Labor Day fun:
Nice as always dubs. I do have a bit of a question - what's the deal with the disproportionally sized cuffs?
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