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Price Reduction
I am going for the slim Euro-cut suits, or something similar to John Varvatos. If anyone has any recommendations it would be greatly appreciated. Quote: Originally Posted by TimelesStyle That all depends on what the $500-1000 suit is. If you're paying MSRP for a Hugo Boss suit, the quality will be about the same. If you wait till the end of sale season and pick up a Zegna or Canali for $7-800 then there's a huge difference, night and day really. I...
Unfortunately I don't, but I do have a MEXX near me. I will check them out tomorrow. I have a Hugo Boss " Movie" Suit If MEXX is close in quality I will just buy one from them. Quote: Originally Posted by chinoguy Is there any Boggi store near you?
How much poorer is the quality to say a $500-$1000 Suit ? Is it worth tailoring ? And thank you for your help.
I am looking at buying a suit and my funds are low at the moment so I have considered buying a Zara level suit. Can anyone tell me how they hold up over time? what is the fabric they use like in comparison to mid range brands with a cost of $500-1000? Aside from brand name is there REALLY that much difference in quality to justify spending $1000 + more money ?
Anyone ... ?
LaMatta COATS SOLD, Aquascutum Pea Coat still for sale ! AQUASCUTUM Pea Coat MADE IN ENGLAND Asking $150 > $140 $110 DROP $89 + Shipping Styling Cues * Aquascutum * Coat * Color: Black * Wool * Made in England * Button Closure * Double Breasted Condition * Overall: Very Good (minus minute snag of inside lining easily mend-able but not needed) Measurements/Sizing – All very Approximate on this item * Sizes listed are...
I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. I am looking for a European clothing store along the same grade as Zara, Mexx or Banana Republic that manufacture their clothing in the EU or in the UK. Thank You
I purchased one, but I would considering buying another for the right price, keep the PM's coming. Thank You
Also I would be interested in Savile Row Chest Barrie
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