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I have a white and yellow gold ring with my initials in block letters. It was given to me by an aunt and uncle when I was in my teens, and I wear it every day.
I used to be concerned about how my luggage looked, but after lugging attractive but heavy stuff through airports, I am more concerned about weight. And, after having baggage handlers giving any piece of luggage that distressed look in short time, I have opted for durable over attractive. Am now checking in Andiamo Valoroso bags -- ugly, but indestructible. And my latest carryon is a Red Oxx Airboss, which is both practical and as durable as a bank vault.
I've had a pair of vintage Florsheim Imperial jodhpurs more or less copied because there was no other way to get that boot. And, I had a variation of the Nucky spectators from Boardwalk Empire copied. I don't think that it is rude at all.
I used to wear NATO desert issue khaki army jackets in the 1970s and loved them for their practicality, durability and comfort. I wouldn't be caught dead in one today -- just too "Woody Allen retro" for me now. I do think that the military look is dead for the moment.
If I use a carry-on rolling bag, I use an Andiamo Valero 1 suiter, which is a tank. But most of my carry on travel is done with a shoulder bag. My favourite is a black Hartmann Tri-Zip with 3 compartments that butterfly open flat (and have tie downs), a large pouch on the outside surface and a sleeve pouch and smaller zipup compartment on the inside surface. To replace the crappy Hartmann shoulder strap, I use a great one from Red Ox, that is very comfortable and clings...
Quote: Originally Posted by mordecai I was curious about people's thoughts on boiling lobsters. I've heard many arguments about why it is not as inhumane as boiling, say, a rabbit alive, but I still have moral hangups that prevent me from doing it Boiling a rabbit alive is inhumaine?
I tend to go for buckwheat honey, but the best honeys that I have had were from Mexico. Decades ago, while in Coba, I bought a whiskey bottle full of black honey from Mayans living among the temple ruins in the jungle. It was fabulous. More recently, in a market in a Mexico City suburb, I bought a litre of Oaxacan honey that is particularly fragrant and with a complex flavour. I also agree with those singing the praise of Greek honey. Just spent a week there, and...
Quote: Originally Posted by juuceman Eat at Mile End if you're coming to Brooklyn and want deli. Do NOT eat at Junior's. The cheesecake has fallen off significantly and the rest of the menu is garbage. Mile End serves ersatz Montreal smoked meat sandwiches. Why go there, when you can get the real thing in Montreal? Now I am putting on my flame retardant gear from those who tell me that Schwartz Charcuterie Hebraique is no good......
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 LOL at Junior being the best cheesecake in NYC. Starbucks serves the best espresso too ! OK, Shmartiepants. Granted that my knowledge of Juniors is years old, but where IS the best cheesecake in NY - a traditional, plain-jane, so rich you can barely finish a slice, New York cheesecake?
Quote: Originally Posted by kjamesuvic the breakdown: I took the 6 hour trip to visit her on tuesday night. got some flowers etc. we talked for a bit and she was more upset at the fact that i drank so much than where things ended up (derr?). had some makeup sex and it was great. we talked some more and just lied in bed for a while; really made me realize what a keeper she is. normally i'd gloat about proving everybody wrong but i think i'll take the...
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