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Archive RLPL leather vest. 100% buttery lambskin. Tried it on inside as an oversized vest (I'm a small) and it looks pretty dope, but it's still too big on me. Could be worn oversize for a M or L and I bet it fits like a dream for an XL. I'd say it's medium weight. 10/10 condition. Looks like it has never been worn. Smells like new leather. Free shipping to CONUS. Send offer for outside of the US.
Oops, meant to PM
Would also love a proxy!
Brand new BBBF dark grey suit: bought this new a few years ago and just never got it fitted. Living out of a suitcase these days for work so I don't have room for another suit. Time to let this beauty go to a more appreciative home. Perfect condition - Never worn, never altered Impeccable quality - Made in Italy, back when BBBF suits were actually nice (by Caruso, if I'm not mistaken) Original price was $1900 Only $700 (~65% off) Suggest PayPal for protection, but open...
Any tips on what one should look out for come post-Christmas sales season?
I bought it from an acquaintance who I believe was the original owner. I never wore it and it looks quite new. You're welcome to come take a look if you're located in SM. I'm down there all the time.
Is there anything left or is what went up the lot?
any updates on steals+deals2?
It pains me to put this up but it's just 3/4 of a size too big for me and I fear I'll ruin its proportions if I bring it to a tailor. Better to sell to someone who will enjoy it more and use the money to buy something that fits better. If you've been reading the forums you know of the fantastic work that Richard Anderson does. He's considered one of the top tailors on Savile Row (just ask RSS). This coat is a thing of beauty. - Made in 2007 - FLAWLESS condition - 2...
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