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corpus makes some really nice jean shorts. you can find them on revolve (my browser isnt working for some reason). they go just below the knee, cut off, and taper in a bit. here: ted bakers
Quote: Originally Posted by sonick They're Springcourts: Serge Gainsbourg wore them too, interesting. is claiming they are plimsolls they are really nice summer shoes though and replacement for converse. my only complaint is that the sole is rather flimsy...
i sleep in my jeans to stretch them out too. other than that i dont want to make them smellier than they already are..
try taking pictures of yourself with that jacket in different outfits and posting them. im curious as well
Quote: Originally Posted by revival First of all could you please tell us what a Franken hem is??? We have been doing hems for 8 years and have never heard the term. So either that is how you describe the type of hem or you are lying about having a hem done here which makes your alliance with some of the other posters a scam. If you have had a hem or other alteration done at our store your name would be in our computer and we could figure this out in 2...
Quote: Originally Posted by revival Just to set the record straight, I am from Denim Revival and we have the original tailors. I split with the owner of HTC and he kept the name. He has set up shop in his store on Beverly. We do everything onsite unlike HTC where they take your clothes offsite to be worked on. Our turn around time for hems is (depending on how busy we are) is usually 2 to 3 days. Major alterations is usually 6 to 10 days. Repairs...
Quote: Originally Posted by montecristo#4 H&M quality is crap, although the fits are good if you're under 6' tall. while the shirts and some of the button ups in small fit me perfectly, their blazers fit horrendously. the 36 is way too big.
found these to be extremely cool for the price. someone jump on it!
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