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as far as the american versions, small is more of a smedium. the band shirt is 21 in ch pit to pit, the work shirt is about 19.5. both of which is too large. the jeans in a 30 fit spot on. I wear 27 in dior and the uniqlos are a tiny bit baggier. The polo is the same, its more of a smedium. im a flat out small, so most of the smalls in this collection are too big for me.. i wish i knew about the xs... it also seems that jap sizing and american sizing is the same. ...
everything else aside, the shorts themselves look great. i enjoy how it tapers down making for a slim fit as opposed to having a straight leg wide opening. i think the new jorts trend go hand in hand with both these shorts, they look best tapered and skinny. i feel that people go wrong with shorts (most notoriously jorts) when the leg opening is huge and ugly.
Quote: Originally Posted by xghostsniperx Yeah, it's just that a lot of people on here live in L.A. or N.Y., or other fashion-forward places. Here in the midwest, we're stuck in the gaping black hole of crap, and people seem to criticize exponentially more in small towns like where I live. So many of you guys don't hear the negative comments coming your way, simply because different people are more accepted. pretty much. i rarely hear...
can anyone comment on the fit of a size small for the button ups? or size small in general for this collection. im 5'7" and fear that my goodies arriving in the mail will be too big for me.. i wish i had known about the extra small items.
heh, you definently should not size down on skulls..
Quote: Originally Posted by Confucius Yeah cos he asked where my suit was from and when I said America, he said "Oxxford"? I quizzed him about this later and that's when he told me what he thought of them. And yes, I can definitely vouch for Oxford being utter crap! lets see some fit pics!
barneys in LA had some but they were gone. american rag la brea has a few pieces. the sample sale also had some shirts for dirt cheap (25 dollars per).
Quote: Originally Posted by avatar That's quite clearly an outline of your cock. That's bad news. yea i was going to say nice fit until i realized this... maybe you should size up.. or at least pack that shit in with some nice boxer briefs. Quote: Originally Posted by michaeljkrell In a town like Omaha(about 1mil in the metro area), while going to the largest public high school (around 2500) I got teased about wearing... i hate the store though.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bona Drag Okay, I've removed the EG link from the OP because everyone was missing the point; I agree those are wack, but I was just looking for an example of the sort of silhouette I was referring to, and they weren't even a very good representation of that. Part of the problem is that when I hear "jorts", I think of those gawdawful 550s that overweight suburban dads dig on. When it's a slim cut that hits slightly below the...
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