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about a 34-35 inch chest? and a 27-28 inch natural waist
Quote: Originally Posted by Sgt_Strider Would extra small be a really tight fit? the eg in small ive tried on has been too big for me. im 5'6" 125 lbs.
black label is much slimmer than paris. black label is a bit slimmer than an aa small. paris is huge
Quote: Originally Posted by ghulkhan Im glad someone got your suit and used it for an interview and its on the thread. Some guy on SUFU was looking for an interview suit that is of good quality under 500 dollars. I told him that he should talk to you and linked the thread and website. But some asshole on there keeps on insisting theres no possible way that you can wear it to an inverview since the suit is cut short even though its MTM and not OTR and you...
dior would be my brand
apc polos. its the only brand of polos that i can wear without a undershirt
Quote: Originally Posted by ghulkhan Id like to say Band of Outsiders fits your bill pretty well except for the expensive part. They are about 200 bucks a shirt. Im sure with some looking around during sales times you can find some at half the price though.... They are cut really short (they are made to be untucked), have button down collars, and the quality is very very good. Much better then Ben Sherman... although they are expensive,...
band of outsiders - in love!! (button down) surface 2 air (tees) dior (jeans) spring court (shoes)
if anyone is interested: prices are what i bought them at.
Quote: Originally Posted by modual Superga are really nice as well. One of the most popular footwear choices in Italy apparently I was thinking of getting these but seriously.. what were they thinking when they named the shoe?
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