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on the topic of acne, i picked up a tank top that is awesome from opening ceremony. you might as welll check out the cloak sale too. id say barney only carries jeans from acne if im not mistaken. oc def haas a greater acne selection. oh yes dont forget to check out the acne shoes too which are awesome but raelly expensive.
hm. 5.90 and rather short
opening ceremony has jeans shoes and clothes
i would get hm blank divided shirts, dior 19cms blue / black, and spring courts. that would be my uniform for the next months.
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart while waiting for Oceans 13, we were walking around the mall, went into Hollister for shits n giggles and one of the hottest girls I've seen in a long time was working there. Blond (and I'm usually not into blondes), tanned just right, had the stereotypical SoCal OC surfer girl look, was wearing short cotton plaid shorts....super cute face, hair in a single loose braid, perfect body, toned and long legs. ...
i really wanted to get those but realized the endless mocking wouldnt be worth it.. really what were htey thinking when they named the shoe
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug Anyone know how sperrys are sizing wise? I usually take a 10.5 or 11 in shoes and a 10 in chucks. order it from zappos! with the free return shipping, free next day air, 365 day return policy, and price matching you really cant lose.
i always thought these boat shoes were cooler than top siders: http://www.zappos.com/n/p/dp/21286609/c/790.html
Quote: Originally Posted by Borky What uggs do they look like? They have a hemp sole, not rubber or whatever. I think I might try some of those spring courts, but they're out of my size in the G2. How does the G1 compare? It looks pretty much the same. the G1 is the newly reissued model. If you look very carefully, the front of the shoe is different. I asked the same question and this is the answer I got from oipolloi: "The...
are those the selvedge ones
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