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Quote: Originally Posted by op2 Grow it out, and don't be afraid to use a straightening iron (I recommend a Solia or Sedu). Here is what my hair looks like now: this is a pretty sweet hairdo. did you get it cut like this or does it come through manipulation? do you use gel to achieve this look? what kind of hair do you have?
oceans 11 12 13
Olive garden has huuuuuuge portions. Red Lobster as I remember it was pretty dirty. I liked the fried craw fish but it tasted pretty much like popeyes craw fish.
Quote: Originally Posted by jonglover South Willard sale starts June 24th. 40% off APC, Band of Outsiders, Bless, Patrik Ervell, Veronique Branquinho and Rag & Bone. Ugh.. too tempting. Ive been dieing for a Veronique Branquinho shirt. My credit card is going to suffer. Do you know if this extends to their website? I heard the APC store is going to have sale in about 2 weeks. I over heard this when I was in there.
my friend bought them and i looked at them for a second. they are rather sharp and look kind of like cowboy boots. nothing like the picture on the site
Quote: Originally Posted by kronik He meant they don't carry any other items from their lines.. not that they only stocked Acne. heh im pretty sure he was trying to be smart. no worries
Quote: Originally Posted by evilgeniusdan I can't help but think you just wasted a lot of money on those, unless you got them on sale or something. Pay less than 100 for some german army sneakers and get yourself a pen. haha i was thinking to myself before i saw the subtitle "why the hell did he draw on his new shoes"
The quality on trovata items is kind of crap. My gf has a trench coat with buttons all falling out. And my shirts dont age well at all.. With most of the original designers all gone, the line up has been suffering too.
Quote: Originally Posted by Saucemaster How low are those of you who sized down wearing them? I always assumed they measured significantly larger than the tagged size because they were meant to be worn very nearly falling off the hips. Would they have been too large for you even then, if you'd bought your normal size? Beautiful jeans. I bought a pair of black and blues and am really honestly considering buy another pair of each just to...
on the topic of acne, i picked up a tank top that is awesome from opening ceremony. you might as welll check out the cloak sale too. id say barney only carries jeans from acne if im not mistaken. oc def haas a greater acne selection. oh yes dont forget to check out the acne shoes too which are awesome but raelly expensive.
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