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the real question is, when the sale from spring season is. jet care to shed some light?
think about it. you think if it was some elaborate hoax, the russians ,who btw had tons of moles in the CIA, wouldnt have blown the cover about it? what better way to win the cold war than to discredit your enemy like that? and also, there was a laser reflector planted on the moon. it is constantly being accessed (weekly) by observatories from texas and hawaii to calculate the distance between the earth and the moon. im sure planting a reflector like that requires a...
Quote: Originally Posted by LSeca Audi had scheduled maintenance free, BMW is anything at anytime regardless of a schedule. I think Audi now charges a small price for the plan now though. I dont think this is true. Im driving an Audi A4 05. I brought it in last weekend to fix the suspension (some bracket wore down) and they didnt charge me a dime. Ive also gone there to refuel my coolant and my power steering fluid. They even replaced my...
Quote: Originally Posted by von Rothbart But it's a high-maintenance vehicle. Just off top of my head, I'd replaced both catalyptic converters, O2 sensor, radiator, fuel pump, thermostat, instrument panel, coolant reservior, and motion sensor. Fortunately they're all covered by warranty, but it's still a hassle. And the nav was extremely slow at times causing me to miss exits but the dealer wouldn't replace it. I can't imagine owning it without...
Quote: Originally Posted by DarkNWorn Where are you buying this BMW with a 100k maintenance plan? The only thing available in the US is a 4yr/50k maintenance. The door ding thing is probably based on your relationship with your dealer. It's not available as part of the maintenance. The maintenance plan, however, alone justifies the BMW's higher costs over Lexus and Audi. audi has the same warranty plan. never paid anything on my repairs.
Quote: Originally Posted by Souper seriously guys; with all this talk about getting laid you give off the impression that some of you seriously never get laid; which is bad because you all set the standard for me style-wise. It would be weird if you all turned out to be extremely well dressed hardcore geeks in real life. agreed. i find the people who get laid the most are the people who dont talk about "getting laid".
im a naturally not skinny person. i dont really eat healthy to lose weight or avoid a food group. to me a calorie is a calorie. i just eat less of everything. the biggest help in losing weight is definently the scale. i have a digital one that gives me a precise measurement. being a number oriented person, i can adjust my diet if its obviously increasing too much on the scale after my meal. of course i give myself a bit of a leeway when i drank alot of water during that...
ask your mom if you can. my mom helped me out tons and it was not so embarrasing. then go to the gf, or maybe your best girl friend.
i would also like to know, up up up
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