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when moms j-walk with strollers
anyone know where to get the white court shoe? i slept and now its gone
Quote: Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC 3 days a week typically. how do ya'll deal without losing your cool?
uniform: band of outsiders button ups diors visvim/cons sneakers Rules I tend to follow: undershirt always - im not sure what it is, my stature or whatever but I can't pull off the bare chested look never wear something I feel awkward in haven't worn cardigans, despite owning a bunch haven't worn shorts above the knees, despite owning a couple pairs
^ thats a great idea
im gettin my md in 3 years~!~!~~! i wont be able to practice in 10~~!~~!
^ mediocrity rules
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Potato Most of my dress shirts are from Zara's higher end Zara Man line with the black label, tailored down to BoO specs. Most tailors I've been to can't seem to slim down sleeves all that well. Zara's sleeve width is similar. Though unlike their casual shirts, the body on their dress shirts is a bigger. They have some good material, but also crap ones. Be sure to try them out to get the feel. They wash well from...
Quote: Originally Posted by velobran In south Florida, so many people use their cars as status symbols. I knew some shady mortgage (do these words even need to be written together) guys who shared a two bedroom apartment with their girl friends so they could afford leased Ferrari's and Lamborghini's. No need to use cars down here to weed out the douches ... almost everyone is one regardless of their car. Still though .. hummers and G35's are damn...
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