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the flathead shirt is made of much thicker material, different from any western shirt ive seen. although the buttons look it, the side profile of the shirt gave it away it wasnt a flathead. looking at how the material on the AE shirt folds in the picture, id say it was a thin cotton that probably wrinkles very easily.
i did the order for super future. honestly, its not even worth the effort / money from shipping. i did not know what shitty quality was until i saw some of these items. they came with weird odors (really plasticey smells), shoddy materials, and loose threading everywhere. to say its comparable to hm quality is pretty much flat out wrong. ie: hm sweaters come with fleece on the inside during the appropriate seasons and are generally soft. some zipia sweaters are made of...
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel I lost 40 pounds (180 to 140) over a 5 day stretch without breaking a sweat. I was in the hospital for that amount of time after major surgery so get some kind of ailment where they need to change an organ or two and you'll be good to go. is this humanly possible? did they do lipo while they were at it? if you calculate the energy in 40 pounds of fat, it straight up isnt possible to burn that much!...
are we down again?? ....
those i havent worn any other pair of shoes since i got them.
Its Back!!@
Quote: Originally Posted by sygyzy Grey One in Pasadena. really?
are there any of the business casual pants but in smaller waist size? im a 28 and seriously cannot find a pair that are smaller than 30..
hello! my life is incomplete with out sufu
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