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Quote: Originally Posted by poly800rock TG! I don't know if you can see this, but I was looking through a flaunt magazine and saw this familar shirt. Is it yours? looks exactly like your bread and butta. PM me if you want me to pick it up for you. not to talk for tg76 but the shirt she sent me had the unknown pleasures logo much bigger
here we go again
Quote: Originally Posted by mpcec Just bought this the other day, hoping to get the pink one as well in a week or two. Edit: Patrik Ervell linen grey check button down. how is the fit on that? did you size down one?
Quote: Originally Posted by bure Those are sick! The only problem being, where can I try them on in person? Do they come in any other color frames? I'm in Vancouver, BC. id imagine they are everywhere. in the states we have sun glass hut. i dont know what your equivalent is
^ ? something like that?
Quote: Originally Posted by stitch1111 I'm pretty sure ER docs call bike riders "organ donors." They say it lovingly, of course. i have heard it more than once
Quote: Originally Posted by TheIdler Neither Diet Coke or Coke Zero in cans and bottles currently use saccharine; both use aspartame. Diet Coke from a fountain does have saccharine, however, because something about aspartame makes it lose sweetness over time when it's just in the syrup form. Coca-Cola has also released a Diet Coke which includes sucralose (Splenda), but this isn't available everywhere. I think Coke Zero uses acesulfame potassium and...
diet coke and coffee
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