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Hey all, I bought a Theory suit that I found for dirt cheap, but I realized when I brought it home there was no pocket for a pocket squares (upper left). All my suits have this, and the more I look at it, the more strange it seems. Whats everyone's opinion and the etiquette in this regard?
its hilarious how worked up you guys get over a stupid question
yea. the buttons do need some working on, have no idea whats up with that.
chainstiching requires a special machine, some vintage sewing machine or whatever not produced anymore. in any case, any tailor would have to go way out of their way to obtain such a device. so its probably unlikely that your tailor has it
i wont even lie i really miss sufu
has anyone checked out the girl stuff? My girlfriend and I are going tomorrow or the day after and want a little preview of how shit is
Quote: Originally Posted by dba You're bound to find something to tickle your fancy on Craigslist. only to find out she has a wang longer than yours?
Quote: Originally Posted by Dekayte It's not real GPS. It uses the towers around you to figure out your position, not nearly as accurate but extremely useful for finding directions. Google Maps still gives directions to your locations and store information, etc. by towers you mean cell phone towers? because by cell phone towers you are talking about an iphone.
neg repped for the neg rep. take that
i'll play 5 boo button downs or college shirt diors or pbjs visvim chucks or common projects scrubs guess i need to add more to the rotation. i look pretty much the same everyday
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