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Thanks for the feedback Despos. I'd like more shape in the waist too and will give some direction next time. The back looks quite wrinkled to me, but he did have to alter it so drastically there may have been little option. I guess if he did an alright job with a garment that didn't fit me well at all to start with, he may do even better with something that fits me much closer off the rack.If anyone else has any thoughts, they are quite welcome!
Thank you in advance to the three tailors for doing this. What I need most is help knowing how good this tailor is. I'm at school in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area, and he is the only person I've heard recommended as able to handle a suit here. As I can't afford higher-quality experimentation right now, I brought him this BB BrooksEase. I just went in, put on the suit and let him envelope me in a storm of pinning without direction. Also, any recommendations for...
Gdot's advice is brilliatn. I wish I would have started there. As said, good shoes are important too. Since you aren't headed into suits too soon, you might want to look at this thread for ideas, if you haven't already:
Wow! Gone for a while and I had to keep backing up to Victor's first appearance to see everything. The student has become the master! As a lurking learner, I will be watching for a few years and hope I end up half as well-dressed. Victor, please do consider making a blog available! To those who've welcomed him graciously: To those suffering from so much ressentiment: read some Nietzsche and get better.
I'm afraid we don't have much to expect from William now or in the future. He seems either ignorant of (unlikely) or decidedly against carrying on any family tradition of style. Too cool for opera pumps like those his pops wore, he did choose brogued oxfords to wear with his dinner jacket the evening of his wedding.
grazie mille! It will take me some time to wear a 3 button again. I was surrounded by too many ill-fitting 3 buttons as a Mormon missionary in the mid-90s to not be scarred. But time heals all sartorial wounds.
Kate is indeed put-together. Lord is she put-together.
Two quick questions: 1) is there a frequently used name for shirts like the one below that don't have the long tails of a dress shirt and can be worn untucked? 2) any suggestions for online or other stores (other than BR that provided the image below) where they can be found in various colors/patterns in the spring/summer for under $150?
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