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Hi Mediahound, Got the reply from BB. Have asked them who make the loafers. Of course they might not know their own products, which wouldn't surprise me. Dear......., Thank you for contacting Brooks Brothers customer service. Alden does not manufacture our Cordovan Penny Loafers. Currently we do not have any shoes available on our website manufactured by Alden. Please contact us if you need further assistance. Sincerely, Kelly Ann Brooks Brothers Customer Care ATB.
Mediahound, Thanks for the reply and link. Unfortunately BB does not say who makes the loafers. I have asked them who does but am still waiting for a reply. From the wardrobe discount blurb: "offer and does not apply to men's cordovan Edward Green or Harry's of London shoes" Thanks.
Do Alden still make the Brooks Bros cordovan penny loafer? Cheers.
How do Edwin jeans rank? Any opinions of them compared to Nudie and Ironheart? Thanks.
Used to visit this site every now and again. But it is far too slow and clunky. Are you trying to stop people looking at this site? It used to be a good site to have a quick browse or search for advise. Not anymore. I hope you sort it out. Bye.
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