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Lined or unlined?
Just got a mauve windowpane SC from eHaberdasher. I like the material a lot, but the the welt fabric's lack of alignment with the surrounding material seems jarring. The upper pocket on the right side (wearers right) isn't even positioned in the same orientation as the rest of the pocket - the horizontal stripe is parallel with the welt. Is this not uncommon?    
Any shirt/tie/trouser rec's for the blue w/ mauve windowpane sport coats?
Interested in #1. PM me.
Still available?
Forgive my novice question, but is this for sale? It says the post is closed - does this mean sold or only available for sale to a select few?
Ok, thanks for talking me off the ledge! Would probably have regretted the decision.
Ok... so I was talked off the ledge and skipped the tailor's today. Care to enlighten why I should avoid this? See below for what I'm thinking of: at epaulet: Thx
I saw contrast white stitching on a gant navy blazer and liked it. I'm considering having my tailor add this to my navy blazer, but wanted input on potential downsides in the flexibility of the garment, etc. the contrast white stitching is in the lapel button hole and first button of the cuffs. Any quick input appreciated!!
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