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Can you provide timing and type of job/ industry to better understand perspective.I have friends (Westerners) who moved to China shortly after undergrad, settled, still live happy (obviously all relative) life. However, there initial move was years ago..
Disclaimer: I was not born in the US, but not a hater at all. Additionally, I got the point of supporting local manufacturing workers as mentioned in this thread. Just by curiosity, do Americans in general (or maybe even geared towards more educated and worldly ones) perceive "made in the US" as superior quality? Probably, I have lived in too many parts of the world, but I would not share this perspective at all.
My very personal opinion: Wharton, Stanford, HBS, LBS, INSEAD - beyond that it's just goodwill and "went to bschool and got an MBA." I am not saying that other schools have worse academic programs (in fact there will always be classes/ profs better here and there - but student body and selection is imo criticial) and other people - probably particular alumni themselves - will have a more positive opinion regarding Booth, Stern, online MBA at University of Phoenix, Tuck,...
From my experience, this (overstating language ability) is very common in the US. As I speak several languages, I always found it quite interesting to change the language during an interview when someone listed "fluently" or "proficient" or "business" - and was unable to converse the least bit.
I agree to your point that they might flourish again. However, a lot of your analysis is eye-washing for analysts who do not understand the economics and are satisfied with correct but less impactful numbers. While having close knits with the respective app-store owners is certainly beneficial (getting "featured" is still the best and cheapest way to ensure downloads), pure download ## are less relevant than the actual monetization within the game. While it is not easy to...
How many people are actually working at EA - most of the more successful (greedier?) ones left for ZNGA years ago But I agree, there seem to be more (social) mobile/ web game developers in the Bay Area than active G+ users. Additionally, foreign gaming companies moving in as well..
Please explain - I'm old, my memory is not that good anymore.. I hardly remember the IPO price of FB
My lifelong experience as an internet vanguard and visionary educated me one thing: As long as it's not a Nigerian prince or ebay it's legit. Ok, FB might be the 3rd exception. However, nobody wants to live in or close to Philly, so just ignore.
Let's assume this highly likable Mrs Sandberg runs for presidency in 4 years and she allocates 90% of her campaign budget to FB (if it'll still be around by then), where would you see the price? I mean, given these hypotheses - hell yeah, FB=strong buy!NFLX is +6ish% as well, again.. and AAPL gaining, again..
Is it sloppy to not reached out for AAPL eo last week? I mean, no matter what, that stock is probably going to reach the moon before Branson's Virgin Galactic.. I heard this Apple company is the new Dell and more recently they've started to interrupt Nokia's phone biz, too..
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