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Just jeans, no more no less, right? Keep on rockin' glad you enjoy them.
What about avoiding or at least reducing sleep time so that fading is accelerated; would that be considered fake fades as well?
From my experience, it doesn't help at all or better said the stretch is still remarkable.Frankly, I have never noted such a huge difference after wearing in a pair of raws. Unfortunately, thighs were the bottleneck re downsizing for me as well and the opinions on their stretch potential are contradictory.
I strongly believe that calling another person "trash" is not very "stylish".
Mobile ad players are jumping today after MM (+28ish%) 2Q report yesterday. VELT is riding the wave (+7%) and reports also next week. This could be huge. And with could I don't mean could.
Think I've seen him there once; apparently he's afraid of the lift and takes the stairs. Quite a charakter.AAPL at 624 approaching new all-time high - gnarl, would have been too easy to pick up at 550ish..GOOG silently (? I did not follow) +>10% within last month..
No wonder with factory schools like HBS and their (my opinion) ridiculous 2+2 program (Class of 2015 has 100 admits out of 900ish total student body) churning out kids. I wouldn't have appreciated sitting in a class and having discussions with inexperienced fellows - at HBS it is promoted as diversity.
Who said socialists like people?
1) don't quit - swallow 2) Be a total dick to him and tell him that you will continue to do your best and work your ass off - never admit any flaws 3) just a couple of days - count them and collect the money on the way
Well, she was definitely above average. Not discrediting her versatility, but only singles count since not all great players involved in doubles/mixed; plus we don't know how much of this success shall be contributed to her or e.g. Shriver or King.Compare her single stats (32 finals with 18 titles 14 runner-ups) to Steffi Graf (31; 22 - 9) and not even accounting for the considerably shorter career of Graf, we have a clear winner. In direct comparison of single finals...
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