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Always prefer to negotiate in person or phone - contract has to be amended based on these negotiations, so you'll have it in written form anyways.Reputable MCs pay the same salary on the same level irrespective of location (within the same country); i.e. if consultants prefers to live/ work from NYC/ SF office instead of let's say Dallas or Atlanta, then she has likely higher living expenses.Regarding the relocation/ location issue:- As MSchapiro said, training is usually...
Somebody picked up some Castlight?
Would have thought the same at 140; fortunately picked it up in the 120s..
Probably everyone who went to bschool had it on her desk or night stand.. oh, nowadays I own a kindle as well
Would not recommend to read the book itself.
If that's correct, it has not always been the case - I know "exceptions"..
Any word on when the Unbranded chinos in 201/ tapered fit become available somewhere? As far as I know, so far only skinny and slim straight are out.
Congrats, jslade.
In your case, especially since you are an economist and probably know how do conduct research , I would not necessarily rely on an internet forum - especially when it comes to topics like work environment and salary. Perspectives will vary a lot from one person to another based on upbringing, experience, and background. I have lived and worked on several continents and can tell you that traveling (a lot) or studying a semester abroad does not provide a person with an...
She left; assumed the helm at yahoo!
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