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Yeah, AAPL was very predictable - they'll have some news this year.. Would like the (ir)rational reasons for NFLX's recent rally. Their track record in international expansion is abysmal, neglecting the most basic market conditions in LatAm (payment, piracy consumption) and hardly showing any traction in the by far easiest European markets for their business model - Netherlands, Scandinavia and with some distance UK. Now they are set to burn loads of money in markets such...
Make that number definitely >1 and include many more targets than MBB. Also replace Booz with "strategy& formerly known as Booz & Company formerly known as Booz Allen Hamilton"
Always believed that LNKD is a total sh*t show, but was convinced that other self-declared internet afficionados are dazzled by their metrics game. Restored faith in humanity comes at a price but that's ok.
Always prefer to negotiate in person or phone - contract has to be amended based on these negotiations, so you'll have it in written form anyways.Reputable MCs pay the same salary on the same level irrespective of location (within the same country); i.e. if consultants prefers to live/ work from NYC/ SF office instead of let's say Dallas or Atlanta, then she has likely higher living expenses.Regarding the relocation/ location issue:- As MSchapiro said, training is usually...
Somebody picked up some Castlight?
Would have thought the same at 140; fortunately picked it up in the 120s..
Probably everyone who went to bschool had it on her desk or night stand.. oh, nowadays I own a kindle as well
Would not recommend to read the book itself.
If that's correct, it has not always been the case - I know "exceptions"..
Any word on when the Unbranded chinos in 201/ tapered fit become available somewhere? As far as I know, so far only skinny and slim straight are out.
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