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I was in the same boat (long-term WG wearer) and really liked the different denim types the Gustin guys offered. Higher rise of the Gustin Slim Fit and tighter leg never worked out for me. Too bad, now I have a couple of them (unused) lying around and back to N&F WG.
I am (very) familiar with cyber security. FireEye and Palo Alto NW are solid firms from a tech/ biz standpoint; there are more than a handful of other firms that I would place my bets on, but they are not public yet.
I was smarter/luckier @>60NFLX, lol.
Took me an hour on the phone, until I was forwarded to a supervisor. It's not stackable until you have the CEO20 email. Guess they had to many people stacking it on the first day and the terms don't restrict it.Canceled my order - Karmal_op is a shit show.
the karma lo_p codes are not stackable or are they? No they are not, see my answer in the general sales alert thread.
thanks for the SCTY pointer.
Always hoped they would return, but when I asked Cody some months ago, he mentioned it was very unlikely. How have they evolved over time or have you just started wearing them?
Yeah, AAPL was very predictable - they'll have some news this year.. Would like the (ir)rational reasons for NFLX's recent rally. Their track record in international expansion is abysmal, neglecting the most basic market conditions in LatAm (payment, piracy consumption) and hardly showing any traction in the by far easiest European markets for their business model - Netherlands, Scandinavia and with some distance UK. Now they are set to burn loads of money in markets such...
Make that number definitely >1 and include many more targets than MBB. Also replace Booz with "strategy& formerly known as Booz & Company formerly known as Booz Allen Hamilton"
Always believed that LNKD is a total sh*t show, but was convinced that other self-declared internet afficionados are dazzled by their metrics game. Restored faith in humanity comes at a price but that's ok.
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