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Are there any plans to make Taylors available as the bottom half of an Epaulet suit?
Would I be able to get measured up for Individualized this weekend at either the BK or LES stores? Thanks!
Are these available in the BK shop right now? Thanks.
As someone for whom a 15.5 x 33 BB Extra Slim Fit is basically too tight (without being ridiculous), I'd probably be a Large in the Overdyes, correct? (My actual size is about 16 x 33; I wear a 40R from SuitSupply)
@stanleyvanburen those high collars on the your custom IS shirts makes a noticeable improvement in your looks, imo. nice one.
Did anyone who purchased the hoodies have any issues with the zipper? Bought it off-season so just wearing it now for the first time, and the zipper has already become basically useless for some reason. Any advice would be helpful!
hard to totally say without trying both on, but I intuitively 100% agree
Epaulet team, have you ever thought of doing a flannel-lined Rivet for FW? Maybe its purpose would be better served by a heavy weight or wool chino, but just curious. Would appreciate your thoughts.
Sorry for the extraordinarily beginner question (searching wasn't getting me anywhere): my AEs need new soles because the front part of the sole is getting quite worn through (at the toe it is almost all the way through). The local cobbler wants to do a "half re-sole" where he'll cut off just the front half and replace it. I assume this is not a good idea and will limit my ability to go to AE for a real recraft in the future? (I also asked the cobbler about a full...
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