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Pant details?
Wj4, gotta comment on your fit evolution; always dressed pretty dope and impressively, but recently has really really good. Seems more natural than before -- less overly considered/uniformy/costumey maybe (though it was never intensely so at all, don't get me wrong) and yet still super cohesive.
I believe the Dark Glacier and Grape Marl are already on the site, NYI.
Honestly, Stumptown doesn't really much need our help, so maybe coffee from the independent Culture Espresso, which has excellent coffee and is even closer, at 39th and 6th? Worth a contact. Food-wise right near there is also Untamed Sandwiches, which is pretty tasty.
anyone seen staple color* Superga on sale anywhere? (*navy, their "military green", brown, or similar)
Hey Mike, any chance that your second new shape is a single pleat Walt?
Mike/Matt: would you mind checking your PM from me, please? Thanks!
Will there be G&L availability in Walts?
Nope Different purposes for me.
I have a medium that fits me quite well (ordered about a week ago from you guys), though I was planning to stop in at the Smith St store to see if I liked how the large fit. (they have at least one large there I hope?) Medium fits well but slightly tight in the chest and back. I assume it will stretch enough but wanted to see in any case.Overall, though, yah I think I'd be very interested in what you propose. I wear a navy wool CPO jacket VERY frequently in the...
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