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anyone seen staple color* Superga on sale anywhere? (*navy, their "military green", brown, or similar)
Hey Mike, any chance that your second new shape is a single pleat Walt?
Mike/Matt: would you mind checking your PM from me, please? Thanks!
Will there be G&L availability in Walts?
Nope Different purposes for me.
I have a medium that fits me quite well (ordered about a week ago from you guys), though I was planning to stop in at the Smith St store to see if I liked how the large fit. (they have at least one large there I hope?) Medium fits well but slightly tight in the chest and back. I assume it will stretch enough but wanted to see in any case.Overall, though, yah I think I'd be very interested in what you propose. I wear a navy wool CPO jacket VERY frequently in the...
Maybe an odd question: I really like the Doyle, but it wears slightly too casual for my purposes -- I wish its lines were a little bit straighter/harder, if that makes sense. What if I had it dry cleaned and starched? Is that a terrible idea?
Is there any allowance left in the sleeves to take them back down an inch or so?
Up for sale is pair of brand new with tags, 3Sixteen SL-100X in size 31. They retail for $220 but am offering for $175 (lower than any sale 3sixteen runs). I am also open to offers. Shipping CONUS only. These jeans have only been tried on a couple of times and are otherwise unworn. Original tags are still attached. Measurements are mostly exactly as shown for the current run of SL-100x's, but there seems to be one less inch in the inseam, so please below: Waist:...
Received my Culdaff (single) 3A '40 today. Great great piece, but I'm a 38R suit, and this is a tad small. Probably would have been better suited with a 42, but this one should stretch enough if I want it to. Plus to my eye there's something more acceptable to a slim fitting 3A than a slim fitting 6A. real question is whether to grab a standard color 6A (probably navy -- yes, just like the Culdaff -- I'm pale as hell and wear almost all dark blues and browns) in a more...
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