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make up for it then
Thank you!Is it weird that it looks to have a slight greenish color to it? Am I the only one seeing that?
I am Sooo terrible at determining colors. This is a cotton brioni suit (possibly some silk?) but what color is this? Tan? Light light green? A mixture of both? Help please!
Hi Recent label, right?
Could u explain what you did @capnwes
Hey gents Shipping to Poland? What has been your experience and what service/option did you choose to ship? I'm sending a very high end suit Thanks!
Hey Wes Where do you buy the boxes from?
1. yes 2. unless if it's unreadable then no 3. just cut in front of everyone and tell the clerk that you've already paid and to say "thank you" 4. you're doing fine
I like how jonathanr and thedptkid are both strongly recommending a certain brand yet they have 1 or 2 posts in their history ... SMH. Can we say "created new account to advertise their company's brand"? Haha
^...I disagree. I don't think Socksquare is higher at all and the gel on the back is sticky to the point that you can FEEL there is some gel on the back of your heel... I did not like that feeling. I've sworn by ninja sox for the longest time and I only buy those.
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