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1. yes 2. unless if it's unreadable then no 3. just cut in front of everyone and tell the clerk that you've already paid and to say "thank you" 4. you're doing fine
I like how jonathanr and thedptkid are both strongly recommending a certain brand yet they have 1 or 2 posts in their history ... SMH. Can we say "created new account to advertise their company's brand"? Haha
^...I disagree. I don't think Socksquare is higher at all and the gel on the back is sticky to the point that you can FEEL there is some gel on the back of your heel... I did not like that feeling. I've sworn by ninja sox for the longest time and I only buy those.
@ridethecliche or anyone send items to South Korea? About to send a heavy sweater and trying to determine what is the "best" option and what is the most "economical" option. I believe the weight is probably less than 4 lbs. FYI, I do not have a scale
... if that's the case then I've to revise EVERY single of my listings? Is there a way to do this?
Question at the bottom of my description, I write something along the lines of " I also sell ____, _____, and etc". I list about 20 diff brand names not to key word spam but to let ppl know what other brands I sell. The brand names ARE NOT in the title description. So, ebay took down my listing stating "misued" and abused this policy. Am I wrong? I just wrote them an email stating they need to do their due diligence...
Have you had success shipping there aka no headaches?Someone messaged me about a pair of shoes and it was all in spanish ... I had to use google translator to understand what he was saying. Haha
Anyone ship to spain before?? I assume the pricing is different than the UK
Sounds like a great setup!If I had more space then I would do what youre doing. Unf, real estate here is EXPENSIVE so I've to work with what I have
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