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Oddly enough, I popped into Azzaro yesterday too. Oh. My. Goodness. It took me all my energy not to walk out with half the shop. I just bought a Canali tie .. possibly one the the nicest ties I've ever seen and I just had to have it. I'm planning on going back today for a shirt or two ... and maybe even an Antichi Telai suit. I was very impressed with the suits ... but they are a little slimmer than I'm used to. I did find the cut quite flattering on me, though. ...
Had a bit of a wtf moment yesterday. I went to an op shop yesterday (just to browse) and found a pair of trousers that were identical to another pair of trousers that I'd thrifted a few months back, right down to the size. Now, if if they were something like PRL 'Andrew' chinos (I have 4 pairs of those, all thrifted), it would be no big deal ... every op shop I go to has at least one pair of PRL chinos just sitting there. But these were Corneliani. I've only ever seen 3...
I have a vague recollection of this discussion in this very thread a while back. I recall something along the lines of the advice for potential PA/FA buyers was to go half a size smaller and a size wider than one's usual size. For what it's worth, I have both a high instep and a pair of PAs in 10.5D (my usual size), and I've found that whilst the PAs aren't the best fitting shoes ever, they're acceptable. That said, my next pair on the same last will be 10E just to...
The two times I've bought a suit from a menswear store, I've ended up with a suit that fits OK ... apart from the jacket sleeves being too long and the SA not bothering to suggest shortening the sleeves. It was the same SA both times. I was young and didn't know any better...
J. Izzo, Hindley St. He handles my alterations for me. Not the quickest, but he takes care and charges a very reasonable price.
I can't do anything else other than a four-in-hand. I've tried doing windsors and half-windsors, but I can never manage to get them to work. When I need a bigger knot, I tend to do a double four-in-hand.
I roll them up and store them in one of these: http://www.ikea.com/aa/en/catalog/products/80193387/ I fit approximately 5-6 ties in each compartment and it hangs in my closet.
I'd certainly like to source some Saphir products. How much would shipping be from Valmour? Would it be cheaper/easier to source from the US, maybe through one of the SF affiliates? Maybe some other Australian gentlemen with experience in all things Saphir would like to chime in at this point.
Hope you have a speedy recovery! If nothing else, it's one heck of a story to tell the grandkids ...R&B is one of the very few brands of shirt that fits me well. Again, you'd have to be nuts to pay full price.When I hit Sydney next month, I will have no choice but to go to the Herringbone outlet.
Welcome back!Thanks for the heads up re: Peter Shearer. I bought my first suit from there about 7 years ago; a Cambridge. I have a vague recollection of the sales associate describing it as superior to cheaper suits as it had a floating later of horse hair in the lapels rather than being just glued together. In hindsight, I think what he was trying to tell me is that it was half-canvassed ... so there you go.
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