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Yeah they have the loosest fit of all of Ruehl's jeans. http://topicstyle.com/showthread.php?t=3840 You can see a description of each of type here. It's a tad bit dated... bit still you can get a really good idea. A good idea of how the Vandams fit. And a view of the "light" wash.
I wasn't trying to convince you guys to BUY the jeans, I was just posting pictures as I'm sure some were curious as to what they looked like... And Double D that's basically correct as they have established a new brand called Ruehl with the withdrawl of Ezra Fitch items. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RUEHL I've been reading around and it seems like some of you like some of the A&F items (not jeans) but just hate the branding. Well Ruehl is basically an unbranded...
Quote: Originally Posted by jayson Aw, don't be hating on my web forum. \t LOL your forums getting ripped to shreds on here eh buddy? Here are the Remsen jeans that RobZ was talking about And of course they have the "premium" $400 Remsens but like any A&F jeans priced over 100 bucks I'd stay away. Btw I encourage you guys if you'd like to post in our forums too once in awhile. We're not A&F zombies (a good majority...
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