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Quote: Originally Posted by poly800rock ha, no cmf is on here too, as cmf. he doesn't own black samurai's. Odd... I thought I remembered some posts from way back where he had black samurai's... maybe not. I apologize.
^Are you cmf from Topicstyle? Those Samurai's look familiar... It looks like you're doing a wonderful job on them.
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini We've just seen the word "Abercrombie" more times this week than a typical day at the mall. It's odd for us so bear with. I can say the same thing about Topicstyle with our recent arrival of Superfuture and Styleforum members. Although we appreciate the diversity (it's a welcome change to most of us)
I'm guessing those are what you're talking about... the general colour ect. since A&F shorts don't change much from season to season. Keep the drawstrings tucked in whatever you do. Go with a classic style... keep away from tees ect.
Quote: Originally Posted by jcrew923 he also happens to be one of the more fashion forward people on ts and someone that would fit in here better than on topicstyle he's constantly telling people to get up off their af clad asses and checking out other brands People on TS are starting to bug me... I find myself spending more time reading on here than I do on there lately. Or it might be that I just can't take that 90% of the members on...
Of course they have talent I mean look at their team. It's just they play like shit together. Buying all the best players in the world and mashing them together doesn't always work like it did for Chelsea.
Threads like these should not die, lyrics are powerful ways to get messages across. So old but the message is more meaningful than ever- NOFX - The Decline Where are all the stupid people from? And how'd they get to be so dumb? Bred on purple mountain range Feed amber waves of grains To lesser human beings, zero feelings Blame it on Human nature, mans destiny (mans destiny) Blame it on the greediocracy (greediocracy) Fear of God The fear of change The fear of truth Add...
Arsenal although my favorite team (stemming back from the Bergkamp, Henry days) sucks and is not going to win so they're out. I still can't believe Liverpool beat Barca though or that Real Madrid actually won... I just don't know who will win
1. NOFX - Idiots Have Taken Over 2. Nine Inch Nails - Everyday Is Exactly The Same 3. Shiny Toy Guns - Le Disko (new version) 4. Lifehouse - Sick Cycle Carousel 5. Lazlo Bane - Superman 6. Jet - Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is 7. Godsmack - Voodoo 8. Coldplay - Talk Thin White Duke Remix (Not sure if that's the actual title, that's what it shows up as but it's basically a remix of Talk) 9. Bloc Party - Banquet Remix 10. Bloodhound Gang - Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo
Quote: Originally Posted by Lucky Strike I pester the product photographers where I work Heh that would explain it I suppose.
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