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I like those alot... I think I may pick up a pair for myself... EDIT: err wtf? I said that in reply to ashtnn's post!
Quote: Originally Posted by johnnymarrsbarres crack doesn't cause instant brain death. also, drugs have never killed anybody. its ignorance that causes harm, not chamicals. Uh WEED has never killed anybody (maybe the actions that result from the THC)... other drugs like heroine have never killed anybody? Hah
There's probably about 6 or so posters from Superfuture and/or Styleforum on there.
Two days on the forum apparently is not enough time to get acquainted with the way things are eh? heh I find the topics on that section to be rather interesting even if I don't agree with them. That KKK topic is a... little bit out there but interesting nonetheless
Quote: Originally Posted by j I suggest you avoid our Current Events section then. Err why do you say that? I think you misread my post. These boards seem much more liberal than Topicstyle's.
Quote: Originally Posted by Max We don't like abercrombie around here. It's over priced. The construction and materials aren't very good. The design is a crappy, unchanging, heavily-laundered ripoff of what Ralph Lauren started doing in the late sixties. It looks like mediocre, post-old-navy thrift for high school students with too much money or 35 year old gay guys trying desparately to look young. We don't like it. Nothing I haven't...
I think Baron just won.
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini Cheap's on that forum??? Yep. The guy takes amazing photographs.
Although it's run by a lunatic I don't understand what it has to do with the clothes.
This thread fails to deliver .
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