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Makes it all worth it eh?
Quote: Originally Posted by Arethusa They're not that similar, though that is one AF's few tolerable pieces. I do have a similar unbranded military style jacket from AF. I'm finding it difficult to find anything that even remotely looks like it however (with a decent price range).
People are going to shoot me for posting these but... 100% sueded cotton and I don't see any visible branding although it doesn't have the pockets you wanted.
Quote: Originally Posted by Brian SD I dunno. For the most part, I think J. Crew is the "every once in awhile, every couple of seasons, they make one or two things that are worth buying on sale" brand. I wouldn't say they're horrible, aside from horribly unoriginal. Of course they're unoriginal. All they sell are classic clothing stables. I like them as an alternative to Polo ect. as they have a more forgiving price range.
Quote: Originally Posted by jcrew923 damn jake when did that all happen? and yeah it's nice seeing styleforum/sufu people in the waywn thread in ts Awhile ago... last spring?
Quote: Originally Posted by bachbeet Mad World is a great song by both the original (Tears for Fears) and the recent one (can't remember the name of that singer). Gary Jules. Powerful and amazing song. He does it well. EDIT: Youtube video -
Quote: Originally Posted by cheapmutha abouut 20 sufu members went over at once... most were quickly, and rightly, banned. one was banned 4 times and then ip blocked... the first day. I remember that... Most came to just cause trouble although I'm glad yourself and a few others have stayed around to actually take part in the boards. The moderators from that time have been purged (we lost about 6 moderators in a day after myself and two...
Quote: Originally Posted by ghulkhan I dont think this guy is better then the actual band but hes pretty damn good... Taken from that... I wish I could get that on MP3...
Quote: Originally Posted by Christofuh Good morning, sunshine Ah thank God I signed up too late to see it.
Oh good please don't bring her on here. I can't turn on the TV without seeing something about her. I don't see what is so big about an overweight, drug addicted, bimbo dying. If anything it made the world a better place.
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