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Shame all the RJman articles aren't there. Guess those have been lost forever
I asked a while ago and they said no.
Pics of my Luxire jumper! Very happy with it but will make some tweaks to the fit for future orders.
Is that a Luxire shirt fabric? If so, which one?
Thanks for the reply!I'm not actually considering a leather jacket, but was just wondering how the trucker fits - i.e. does it have high armholes, how tapered is it etc.
What is the fit of the Trucker like? The measurements seem good for me but obviously three numbers can only tell you so much.
Pricing is better than expected - $499!
They are definitely good value - here's a picture of mine. The colours aren't coming out properly on my phone camera, the pictures on NMWA show the colour pretty accurately. [[SPOILER]]
Cross-post from the Luxire thread - hoping someone can help! Thanks
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