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I didn't specify anything for the shoulders, I just told them to copy a jacket I sent in. The Luxire jacket has more structured shoulders than the one I sent in, but I don't mind that.There are no issues with the collar in real life, so it must just be the picture.
A couple of pictures of a Luxire jacket:
Doe anyone have pictures of the standard English Spread or Semi Spread collar worn with a tie? Thanks!
Thanks! I'm receiving my first Luxire jacket on Thursday and am looking forward to seeing how it comes out.
Did you notice any differences in the fit between the local bespoke jacket and the Luxire jacket?
Just placed an order for a jumper like this:
+1, I'd be interested in knowing this too.
+1I'd love to see that
Enter this to the Friday challenge!
What is the inseam measurement?
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