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+1I'd love to see that
Enter this to the Friday challenge!
What is the inseam measurement?
Which fit has the loosest trousers?
A couple of co-workers and I have started a Three-piece Thursday, which caught on quite well.
Sorry, all these ties are now gone.
@TexasDan, if you have the urls for the bookmarks and they work with archive.org, could you please pm them to me/post them here?
It seems there are hardly any articles in the archive. Is there any way to reread RJman's articles?
Luxire Bag ReviewA few months ago I was lucky enough to be one of the five people chosen for one of Luxire’s trial bags. I had been looking for a decent holdall at a reasonable price for months, so I sent Luxire a picture I found online of one I had been admiring. I also gave them three measurements for the dimensions of the bag, and asked for scotch-grain leather. I left the rest up to Luxire, and they didn’t disappoint!There was only one negative thing about the whole...
Where do you guys get your socks from? I've been reading around on the forum and Viccel looks good, but I'm after more patterns, e.g. houndstooth/herringbone/dotted etc.
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